About Us

 About Us


Our Mission

LabDIRECT was founded with one goal in mind: to provide the independent chemistry community with affordable access to the critical reagents they need to discover, create, and be successful. Scientific progress has so often been made by the tinkerers, the inventors, the independent researchers, and the tens of thousands of brilliant minds that simply don't have the resources and backing of major multi-national institutions. Yet today, their options are limited to either buying substandard materials from unknown sources or paying outrageous prices most can't afford. That's why we're here. We are here to support you.

Our Philosophy

In short, we believe in treating people the way we've always wanted to be treated by businesses. We do whatever it takes to ensure every single customer walks away with a smile, excited to come back again and again and saying "I wish that's how everyone did business." We don't believe in just selling products or making a quick one-time profit; we are looking to develop lifelong relationships with our clients. That has meant always doing what's right, even if it cost us money because if a customer is unhappy, we don't deserve to make money on them anyway. Period. If you are ever unhappy with a product or if something is wrong, just let us know and it will always be well taken care of.

-Richard Carboni